Entry 001 – Define the Odds

First time in a long time this website has seen content.

There’s no excuse as to why that is, other than forgetfulness. I will keep this simple and sweet.

Started the journey in 2015, I haven’t given up. I had my ups and I had my downs. Setbacks are inevitable. Each year provided their own challenges.

I wanted to find my own way despite the guidance provided they just couldn’t and didn’t understand my situation.

Marketing world Motto: Max your cards, Keep Doing it no matter how much it breaks you.

You would hope by the time you spent all your cash and debt that you will be successful. Short term thinking. You would hope to trick enough people to join your propaganda. Easiest way to ruin your morality.

There’s always a way to do things without resorting to crabbing(crab – selfish) and swinning(swine – greedy). Since there’s so much of this in that industry¬† it’s a personal choice on how one will live their life.

The way I decided to be is a true Business Owner and not a IBO or Affiliate/Partner.

In the end of 2016 I figured out what would be best for my life which I would have no guilt in. In 2017 I slowly figured out how to make it a reality.

Watch me grow this empire slowly but surely. If I disappear, I am busy tapping my calculator, numbers are fundamental.

Much Love, Christyana